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Enjoy these photos.
From time to time I will add new photos.

Lets Roll!
The guys on this aircraft carrier mean business.
Please tell the woman in 24C that we found her kid!

HH60 Jayhawk Helicopter Preparing for Landing on a USCG Cutter
Old Recruiting Poster.
What are you waiting for?

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Who ever said preflight inspections and walk arounds were without hazard?
I know this guy.
And his wife!
China demanded an apology from us.
Well here it is!
General Quarters!
Tired Crew Members manning battle stations for 24 hour periods rotate every two hours.

U.S. Coast Guard VTOL!
The BA609 tiltrotor is very nearly the same size and displacement as the XV-15 Tiltrotor concept demonstrator. In May, 1999, a tiltrotor compatibility test was demonstrated on board a 270 foot USCG cutter, underway south of Key West, Florida.

These guys kept some contraband from entering the USA
San Francisco Aircrew celebrates.

Biggest Maritime Coke Bust Ever
May 15 - Pacific Ocean

The Coast Guard announced that on May 3, they busted the 152-ft Belize-flagged, Russian-crewed 'fishing vessel' Svesda Maru 1,500 miles south of San Diego. The vessel had drawn suspicion because it didn't have much fishing equipment or fish. What it did have was 13 tons of coke - about million worth - making it the biggest maritime bust ever.

It's common knowledge that drug interdiction efforts in the Caribbean have encouraged smugglers to head to the Eastern Pacific. Since October 1, the Coasties have seized 110,000 pounds of coke at sea, 80% of it in the Eastern Pacific. This is 30% more than they seized in the 12 months before. It's also why the Coast Guard is boarding more cruising boats in the Eastern Pacific, and why you want to keep your nose clean.