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In 1999 Chief Harding deployed on the USCGC BEAR and USCGC DALLAS with the US Navy's Sixth Fleet in support of the war in Kosovo

Anti Missile System

USCGC Bear in Bari Italy 1999

Vinny Van Ness chews out Charlie Carulo!

On USS Navy Missle Frigate in Black Sea off Kosovo 1999

USS Ross Black Sea 1999

Some of the fellas in Istanbul

Charlie Carulo naps!

Vinny Van Ness AKA "Diesel"

Bruce Decker skips chow tonight!

The Chief's Mess cooks chow for the troops!

Chief Harding joins the Royal Navy! Next best thing to a Sikorsky!

AMT3 Joe McGuire. Joe loves deployments... don't you Joe?

These guys may be Admirals one day!

Getting ready for a mission

This cat is good...real good!