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USCG Recruit Company Photo Pages
From 1991 to 1998 CWO Michael Harding graduated 23 recruit companies and around 2500 recruits.
Here you will find some of the company photos and rosters.

The Original DELTA 140 Dogs!
DELTA 140 was much fun. Early on in training they developed a unique personality. They paid a great price for that personality...lots of IT, otherwise known as Intensive Training.
KILO 151
Petty Officer Vince Aquino was fun to work with. He always had a story. As for AT1 Stiff, we got along great...since we both are Miami Dolphans.
LIMA 144
ET1 Rick Infantino is now a Chief Warrant Officer. What a great friend he is. He was a natural as a Company Commander. Chaplain Soto was adopted by LIMA Company. He also was a good friend and an asset to TRACEN CAPE May.


I regret to inform everyone that Chaplain Soto has passed away.

His tribute page can be found here:


This was my last company and QMCS Pierce's first. He went and made Master Chief getting transferred after graduation to Officer in Charge of a 87 foot cutter. After that tour he decided to come back to TRACEN as the Battalion Commander where is still is to this day. Chief Bill Hepner also on his first company was a lot of fun to watch, all that new CC energy was built up in him. I pretty much let him run the company.
This was one easy company to run. My break-ins Chief Saunders and MK1 Geter were energetic and easygoing.
PO Craig was a blast running this company. Lots of energy and always screaming at the recruits. BM1 McNelis and I had a lot of experience working together and we both enjoyed watching PO Craig terrorize everyone. PO Craig suffered severe injuries in an automobile accident and is medically retired today living in New Jersey. PO Pat McNelis was last seen in Alaska serving with the USCG Reserves.
PO Theresa Ripley is now an Officer stationed in Washington, DC. PO McNelis made first class got out and joined the USCG Reserves. Last I heard he was living in Alaska.